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The Singing Community That Will Make You A BETTER SINGER

The Singing Community That Will Make You A BETTER SINGER

by Adam Mishan


7 Day FREE Trial

Free Trial Ending Soon

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Join to have unlimited fun…

Watch this video by Adam to learn more about this ALL NEW Singing Community...

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Who is this community for?

Aspiring singers
Hobby singers
Karaoke lovers
Musicians & Studio owners
Professional singers
…and You!

7 Day FREE Trial

Make new friends & have fun.

Get Access To A Database Of Singing Lesson Recordings By Adam

Access to private recordings of Adam teaching his students.

Watch them whenever you wish.

These recordings are given as a bonus and you can learn a lot by watching them. You can access this database of recordings whenever you want and learn at your own pace!

7 Day FREE Trial

This sounds great, I want them!

Daily Challenges To Help You Build A Habit of Vocal Improvement

See, it’s all about consistent effort.

It’s important that you exercise your vocal cords daily and turn it into a habit to improve your singing. It’s just like playing guitar or any sport – the more you do it, the better you get. So, if you want to be a great singer, you need to practice singing regularly!

Don’t worry because we have made it very easy for you by giving you a “Challenge Of The Day” exercise. This will not only help you build a habit, but also improve your singing talent.

Win Rewards:

Psst, this is top secret. Don’t tell anyone! You can win Amazon Gift cards and 1-hour private one-on-one singing lessons with Adam for free.

7 Day FREE Trial

Participate in daily challenges & earn rewards.

Monthly Live Q&A Calls

Get answers to any questions you may have

Live Q&A Sessions With Adam

Do you have questions about singing and there’s no one to answer them? Not anymore! Participate in live question and answer sessions with Adam. Get answers to any questions you are having and also get personalized feedback directly from Adam. Clear any doubts you are having.

7 Day FREE Trial

I love this so much and can’t wait to join…


What All Do You Get When You Join?

By joining the singing community, you will get all the things listed below. Get unlimited 24×7 access to the community portal along with so many more amazing things!!! Read below.

Access to Singers hub, Songwriters hub, Group coaching, Vocal assessments, Submit your song & Much more...

What else do you get?

By joining the singing community, you will get all the following based on the plan you choose. Each plan gives you unlimited 24×7 access to the community portal.

Singing Community

You will get exclusive access to a private singing community run by Adam. Sing, write, jam, and make new friends!

24x7 Access

You can access the community anytime you want. All the messages are archived and searchable.

Unlimited Access

Get unlimited access to the private community run by Adam. Ask questions and chat with other singers.

Lesson Recordings

An archive of private singing lessons by Adam. Watch these recordings whenever you want. Supports self-paced learning.

Daily Challenge

Participate in the daily challenge and earn points for completing the challenge. Build a habit of vocal improvement.

Monthly Live Calls

Live Q&A sessions with Adam for personalized feedback and learning. Get answers & clear any doubts you may have!

Free Singing Lessons

When you participate in events, you earn tokens. Redeem them to get free singing lessons with Adam.

Karaoke Nights

Regular online karaoke nights for practice, fun, and community bonding. Earn tokens & redeem to get free private lessons with Adam.

Singers Hub

A special hub for singers to jam together & have fun. In this hub, you'll make new friends and take part in ongoing activities.


Along with all of the above, you get direct access to Adam.

Don’t tell Adam we told you! 😉

7 Day FREE Trial

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30-Days No Questions Asked Moneyback Guarantee

If at any point you feel that the subscription is not a good fit for you, you can get a full refund. No questions asked.

Easy Cancellation

It is very easy to cancel your subscription by yourself from the dashboard. If you need any help, we are always around on email or chat.

Your happiness is our top priority.


Q&A For The Curious Ones...

Yes, you can definitely join! Our community is especially designed for singers who are just starting out. We believe in creating a supportive environment where beginners can feel comfortable exploring their voices and learning at their own pace. No matter your starting point, what matters most is your enthusiasm for singing. We’re all here to grow and enjoy music together, so your current skill level isn’t a barrier. Welcome to a community where every voice is valued and every beginner is celebrated!!!
Absolutely! Many people share your fear of singing in front of others, and it’s a common hurdle that our lessons are designed to help you overcome. Our approach is supportive and gradual, allowing you to build confidence in your singing voice at a pace that feels comfortable for you. We focus on creating a safe and encouraging environment where you can explore your voice without judgment. With regular practice, positive reinforcement, and a community that supports each other, you’ll find that your fear begins to diminish. Our lessons aim not only to improve your singing skills but also to empower you to sing confidently. Remember, overcoming fear is a journey, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.
Certainly! Singing is a skill that can be learned and improved with practice, regardless of natural talent. Our lessons are tailored to help individuals at all levels enhance their vocal technique and confidence. Through consistent practice and supportive guidance, you’ll make progress and discover your singing potential. Patience and dedication are key, and with our help, you’ll find that you can indeed learn to sing beautifully.
Definitely! Our community is all about the fun of singing. Regardless of your skill level, if you enjoy singing just for the pleasure of it, you’re in the right place. We celebrate the joy of music and encourage everyone to join in the fun. Welcome aboard!
Access will be sent to you via email and you will be prompted to create a username and password for yourself. You can then access your membership using it.
Yes canceling the membership is very easy. All you need to do is log into your account and under the account tab click “Cancel my membership”.
Feel free to send an email on adammishan@amvocalstudios.com and Adam will be glad to help you answer your query.

7 Day FREE Trial

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