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Imagine Becoming A Confident Singer Without:


Don't sift through 1000s of YouTube videos or dozens of hours of course content.

Don't listen to terminology and exercises that leave you feeling more confused.

Doing Hours Of Boring Exercises

Don't fall into the pitfall of thinking hours of vocal exercises is necessary or even good for your voice.

Doing more is not better. It will leave you spinning your wheels with no progress.

Feeling Hopeless
And Lost

Don't let yourself be let down by other courses and teachers that will leave you feeling like:

"Maybe I should give up because nothing is working."

Let Me Show You A Real Life Example

Justin B.

"I didn't have to set aside time, I just practiced in my car on the way to work"



There's a NEW way:

No Need To Set Aside Time For Practice

Improve your singing skills effortlessly - Learn the core exercises to practice anytime, anywhere - In your car, while doing the dishes or in the shower.

Practicing Easier And Better

Go from hopeless to a confident singer FAST. Make singing easier and sound better at the same time.

"WOW! That's my voice?!?!"

After finishing the course you will be shocked with your progress- "WAIT! That's my voice?!?!"

See What Current Students Are Saying:

Karen Lopez
Devanshu Tiwari
Tony Hernandez
Jess Brown
Marco G
Metren Angerjarv

Rachel O.

From Shy To Confident

"Now I know what it means to sing with confidence"



How Would Your Life Change If...

✅ You saw with your own eyes that YOU can go from a "lost cause" to a confident singer.

✅ You saw incredible improvements in your voice with just 15 mins/day exercises in the comfort of your own home/car.

✅ If you finished the course and sang your favorite song, stunned, "WOW, Is that my voice?"

3 Big Problems

With Becoming A Confident Singer

Problem #1

What Exercises To Use

How to find the right exercises that will make the biggest difference and how to stick to doing them on a regular basis.

Problem #2

How To Have Fun

How to apply the exercises to your favorite songs without getting overwhelmed and actually start singing.

Problem #3

How To Sing Better Without Talent

Discover the Truth that Anyone Can Learn to Sing by singing after just 14 days and having the AHA moment, "WAIT! That's my voice?!?!"

Don't Worry I've Got You Covered...

The Confident Singer

Here's what you'll get:

The Confident Singer Video Example - Adam Mishan, AM Vocal Studios

The Method

Short, to-the-point videos that show you the exercises you need to do and give you the ability to follow along with me wherever you are.

Make-It-Fun Application

Immediately apply the exercises to your favorite songs so that you stay committed to the practice and have fun along the way!

The Confident Singer Video Example - Adam Mishan, AM Vocal Studios

The AM Vocal Method

is the perfect way to...

✅ ​Have fun while learning to sing

With The Confident Singer you'll only do the core exercises necessary to improve your voice. Do the exercises while driving where you can be as loud as you want without fear of judgment.

✅ ​Go from hopeless to confident in record time

​This course will give you everything you need to develop a confident voice in the shortest amount of time possible. This course alone will NOT make you into the next Elvis Presley.

✅ Experience the feeling when you say, "WOW, that's my voice?"

​1000s of my students have been shocked after finishing the course and hearing themselves sing. Imagine the feeling when you sing ​your favorite song and exclaim, "IS THAT ME?"

Like Kohl Here...



A Bit About Me...

I Started Out As A Terrible Singer

I've been where you are...

✅ ​Feeling hopeless: People told me I wasn't born to be a singer

✅ ​Feeling overwhelmed: learning from 1000s of YouTube videos with way too much jargon

✅ ​Feeling lost: I had to jump from coach to coach to find the right exercises

I Found The Right Exercises

And A Fun Way To Do Them

Then I Could Sing Like This...

See More From 1000's Of My Students

Ulysses V.



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