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✅ Never Feel Anxious To Sing In Front Of Other People Again

✅ Master Your Vocal Control! Eliminate Voice Cracks, Breaks, and Shakiness

✅ Enjoy The Sound Of Your Voice (Even In Recordings)

✅ BONUS: Sing Better Results Guarantee

Access the exact step-by-step process used by 2500+ people to go from sounding horrible to becoming polished, confident singers.


500k+ Subscribers


71+Million Views

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Hint: It’s not because you need to be born with talent.

It’s NOT because you need to spend lots of money on countless hours of in-person training.

In fact, most teachers save these secret techniques for their prized students.

For 98% of beginners, it’s because of the strain they are putting on their vocal cords (Solved in chapter 4).

Vocal health matters and I won’t neglect yours by promoting flashy techniques like other coaches.


On your singing dream

It’s NOT that difficult!
All you need is the correct information & guidance.

So stop saying no to the fun of singing!
Fine-tune a voice you’re proud of and confidently WOW your friends.

It took me 15 years to gain this knowledge through experience, but you can consume it in 30 days.

Unlike other courses, everything is broken down methodically, so you don’t feel overwhelmed and confused.


Listen to what's possible in less than 30 days 👇

Before & After

Justin B.

Alex V.

Stephen E.

Ray D.



Amitesh Kumar
Devanshu Tiwari
Tony Hernandez
Karen Lopez

How You'll Accelerate Your Singing Skills

✅ 15 Years of experience condensed into 30 days of improvement.

✅ Psychology of singing (If you’re serious about releasing your inner performer which shyness has jailed). After this section alone, every note you sing will carry emotions and confidence to treat your listeners.

✅ Insider secrets to eliminating strain when hitting those high and low notes (It’s almost like medicine).

✅ STOP doing random exercises with no purpose or poor progress. The exercises selected for you to streamline your transformation. 

✅ Prove the non-believers wrong! It is possible to sing better in as little as a week

✅ Voice registers. Knowing the difference between Chest Voice and Head Voice is the basis of solidifying great vocal technique. 

This ones important… Ignite your passion whilst practising. You, like me, enjoy to sing because it’s fun. This course keeps that feeling throughout. 

✅Have listeners genuinely enjoy your singing. Imagine smiling cheek to cheek because your warm voice mesmerizes your audience. 

✅ Cure the #1 singers handicap all beginners suffer from… CONFIDENCE!

✅ Try this: Record your voice now. No really. Then again when you learn the “bwoop” method (in part 2). Now be shocked with your vocal improvement after unveiling only one technique.

✅ SAVE YOUR VOICE! Bad technique and practice is slowly tightening your vocal cords. Learn the warm-ups and exercises used by studio artists for longevity and quick improvement.

✅Is anxiety is holding you back? Luckily, incorporating professional breathing techniques will have you stage ready in no time. No more dry mouth, sweaty palms or dry throat!

✅ Expand your vocal range to its biological capabilities, with the correct larynx(throat) manipulation.

Also if I forgot to mention…
✅THE SING BETTER GUARANTEE (or your money back). Gain a voice you’re proud to share risk-free. More information at the bottom.

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Justin revealed his new voice, for the first time, to his friends.
It left him with this unforgettable memory.

“It was the moment every fan of singing dreaded

My friend planned a Karaoke night for his birthday.

The thought of performing immediately made the hairs on my body rise.

I loved to sing but never had the confidence to share my voice.

My friends and family have made sure I knew how terrible I sounded in the past.

Memories of younger days, being told to “Be quiet” and “Shut up already.

The dopamine-driven highs of singing my favourite songs exchanged for embarrassment when being caught.

Minutes go by and I’m next in line to entertain the birthday boy.

You’d have considered me paralyzed if not for my feet rapidly tapping. It was time.

I stood up and gripped the mic so tight as if I were trying to strangle it. Sweating and shaking in front of the crowd.

Only one way out…

So I started singing.

I was waiting for people to start booing, only to start hearing them cheer.

Quickly, I realized the techniques I had learned became instinctual.

Anxiety floated away, my throat loosened and every note resonated with the surroundings!

Perfect vocal control without suffering from strain, tightening, or shakiness like last month.

Their drunken ears had been soothed by my voice.

Who knew singing with others would be SO MUCH FUN!

That night concluded with one more treat I never knew was possible.

My recently trained voice had earned me the title of…


Now hearing that, was music to my ears.”

14 day money back guarantee

Sing Better Results Guarantee
You Will Sing Better In As Little As 14-Days Or Your Money Back

The promise is simple. Follow the program. Practise as little as 30 minutes a day, 3 to 6 days a week (yes, that’s all it takes). You will improve!

There’s no doubt in my mind that this will transform your voice like the countless students above. If after 14 days you are not singing better, email me at courses@amvocalstudios.com and ask for a full refund. It’s that easy.

Why am I so confident in doing this? Because I’ve been training people to sing using this system for the last 15 years. I understand what works for you and what the other teachers save for their private sessions. Anyone who hears you sing will hear and feel the results. Guaranteed.

You have nothing to lose and a lifelong skill to gain.

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Beginner Singer Course Reviews - Adam Mishan (AM Vocal Studios)
Beginner Singer Course Reviews - Adam Mishan (AM Vocal Studios)
Beginner Singer Course Reviews - Adam Mishan (AM Vocal Studios)
Beginner Singer Course Reviews - Adam Mishan (AM Vocal Studios)
Beginner Singer Course Reviews - Adam Mishan (AM Vocal Studios)
Beginner Singer Course Reviews - Adam Mishan (AM Vocal Studios)
Beginner Singer Course Reviews - Adam Mishan (AM Vocal Studios)
Beginner Singer Course Reviews - Adam Mishan (AM Vocal Studios)
Beginner Singer Course Reviews - Adam Mishan (AM Vocal Studios)
Beginner Singer Course Reviews - Adam Mishan (AM Vocal Studios)
Beginner Singer Course Reviews - Adam Mishan (AM Vocal Studios)

Learn From A Teacher Who Started In Your Situation

Adam Mishan

» Adam began singing in 2006 with a terrible voice. He had no fans, just his enjoyment of singing.

» He spent years practising to refine both his voice and his methods.

» Helped students improve their voice taking note of all methods that worked. Refining his teachings after every student.

» After thousands of students created this easy to follow course guaranteed to help you sing better (or your money back😉).

» Developed his own voice to be heard by millions on YouTube. Currently over 70+ Million Views.

Note: Save thousands by not buying an OVERPRICED COACH. This singing course will accelerate your skills and knowledge past the first thousand you would spend on a coach.

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Can I access course content instantly?
Yes, you can access the course content INSTANTLY.

How long can I access this course?
This course comes with LIFETIME ACCESS.

Who is this course for?
✔ Beginner singers who want to learn the foundations of good, healthy singing.
✔ Singers who have wanted to learn to sing their whole lives but never believed they could.

Is this course for YOU?
• It is for ANYONE who wants to learn how to sing better!
• You do NOT need any natural musical talent, singing talent, or previous vocal training
• You do NOT need to know anything about technique or how your voice works (in fact, the less you know the better, because you’ll have fewer bad habits to overcome)
• You do NOT need to understand music theory, or even know how to read music

Do you have a separate course for Male & Female Singers?
Yes, when you are buying, you can select whether you want to buy Male Beginner Course or Female Beginner Course.

How can I access this course?
You will get your account login credentials the instant you register.

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